Thermal Imaging Camera


Lynx Medium Wave Infra-Red (MWIR) thermal imaging camera is utilized MCT/InSb midwave cooled IR sensors with high sensitivity, integrated with advanced image processing algorithm, to provide vivid thermal image videos, to detect objects in details in total darkness or harsh environment.

Lynx thermal imaging camera is easy to be integrated with multiple interfaces, and available to be customized rich features to support user's second development. With the advantages, they are ideal to be utilized into thermal systems such as Handheld thermal systems, surveillance systems, remote monitoring systems, gas detection, and more.




Technical specifications

Spectral range 3,7 – 4,95 µm
Detector array resolution 640х512
Detector pitch 15 µm
NETD < 30 mK
Lens Continuous zoom, F/5.5
Focal length 20 – 275mm
FOV 1.9° х 1.6° (F = 275 mm, NFOV)
26.9° х 21.7° (F = 20 mm, WFOV)
Digital video output HD-SDI Ethernet (H264,t ONVIF)
Analog video output PAL NTSC
Comms RS-422 Ethernet USB 3.0
Power source 28 VDC (18 – 32 V)
Nominal power at steady stage < 25 W
Operating temperature -32°C to 55 °C
Weight 1,4 kg
Size (LxWxH) 190mm х 101mm х 114mm
Autofocus yes
Dynamic range enhancement LACE, Linear, Edge enhancement
Non-uniformity corrector Built-in reference and quadratic NUC